Things Have Come Full Circle

The news is out and it’s official; I’m going back to CPI. I’m sure many people who know me will be surprised by this; I’m even a little surprised. There’s a long explanation and a short explanation for my decision but, in order to save everyone’s time, I’ll go with the short one: I still feel like my decision to leave was the right one given the circumstances but I’m also happy to be coming back again.

I guess things that used to really bother me just don’t bother me so much anymore. I’ve also found that it’s very difficult to find a company that doesn’t have problems of some kind. Often times you find that you just swap one problem for another. Von Hoffmann had their problems and Maritz had monumental problems; CPI has their own as well. I think things bottomed out at CPI and, with certain “personnel changes”, the path has been cleared for a better future. CPI is active again; new projects, new tools, and a more enterprise-centric mindset.

It was my choice to come back, despite the fact that my contract was unexpectedly cancelled by Maritz. I had a contract offer from Monsanto but I turned it down because it was temporary and because I actually wanted to come back to CPI anyway. I make all my decisions based on the best information I have available to me at the time, combined with my current attitude and mindset. I think this decision to come back will be positive and will hopefully also provide me with some of the stability and opportunity to learn I’ve been looking for. I’ve learned a lot while I’ve been gone but this past year has also been a rollercoaster.

Also I kinda missed the place, believe it or not.

So, I’ll be starting back again on Monday. I’m looking forward to getting back to work and being productive again. I’m also anxious to get started on new projects and to help out on the existing systems. I’m looking forward to working with some of my old friends again as well. Overall I feel confident this is the decision I should make and I’m ready to get started.

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2 thoughts on “Things Have Come Full Circle

  1. Greg Morey 02/02/2006 / 3:54 pm


    It’s great to see you’ve got a job again! Life can be odd at times.

  2. Brian 02/11/2006 / 2:46 pm

    @Greg Morey

    Thanks for the response. Life can be odd, that’s for sure. When I left Von Hoffmann I could never have predicted that in less than six months I’d be back at CPI. I guess that’s also what makes life interesting!


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