Goodbye CPI…Again

After two years back at CPI I’m leaving again. I’m disappointed that it didn’t work out this time because I really thought it would; that’s why I decided to come back in the first place. Unfortunately the company and I were unable to come to an agreement on a number of things and when I was contacted by a recruiter for another company that made me a great offer I accepted.

So on December 26th I will be starting work for a cable/broadband/voice company. They seem like a great bunch of people and I should be able to pick up some additional Business Objects and data warehousing skills while there. I’ll also get some Oracle exposure there too. The commute is a little longer but not unreasonable; Traci and I are out there in the same area every other week for grocery shopping so we’re no strangers to the area.

So here I am, moving again and hoping this will be the last one for a while. I really want to settle down for a while at one place; hopefully this will be the one. Although disappointed about CPI I’m excited about the possibilities that my new job holds for me and I’m looking forward to getting started there. I wish CPI and all my former co-workers the best of luck; I really want to see them all succeed.

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