Kimball Group Forum Launched

The Kimball Group recently went live with their new discussion forum.  For those of you who don’t know, the Kimball Group are the authorities on data warehousing.  I actually attended a Kimball training class in Chicago back in October of 2007; it was very good.

After that class I threw together a data warehousing forum  since the Kimball group didn’t have one yet.  Warren Thornthwaite joined up and we had a few discussions on forums in general.  Looks like Warren has successfully spearheaded the effort to get the Kimball forum online.  Now that the Kimball forum has launched I’ve completely discontinued my old DSSForum.  Thanks to all those who posted there; now it’s time to move to the big leagues.  🙂

The new Kimball forum can be found here:

As a side note, the forum was announced in the latest Kimball Design Tip.  I received a nice thank you note from Joy (and Margy Ross) in the e-mail.  I had minimal involvement in the Kimball forum but it’s a very nice gesture from some very likeable people (see excerpt below).

So if you’re interested in discussing data warehousing then the new Kimball forum is the place to go.  I’m sure it’ll do very well.  I’ll be there too ; my username is “BrianJarrett”.

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