Purged.  All of it.

This site needed a new purpose.

I write so I want to write and write about writing.

I played guitar in a band called Flood a number of years ago.  I’m proud of that.  That stuff will make it back into the site in due time.  I play guitar still (sometimes) and want to start another band eventually.  I might like to write about that process.

I’m a programmer and I want to write about what I’m working on.

I’ve got two awesome kids and a great wife.  I want to write about them.  I also want to do things with them worth writing about.

Starting over can be scary.  It can also be liberating.  Right now the canvas is blank and I’m anxious to see where things go.

I did archive all the old stuff.  If you really want to read it contact me and I’ll send you the link.  I don’t foresee too many requests though.  Some of the better stuff is on it’s way is back.

It’s now an open road ahead…

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