No Rest for the Wicked

So just a little background; I started working for my current employer back in December 2007.  Their reporting was a mess, as were some other things, but now we’ve got a brand-new, from scratch data warehouse.  Our internal team worked with an external team to build it out and it transitioned over to us  officially maybe a month or so ago.  Now that we’ve got it, we’re uncovering a few things that need to be fixed or re-engineered.  We expected that; it was a tight deadline and we were already aware of certain areas that would required our attention once the transition occurred.

So now that things have transitioned it’s been balls to the wall for me.  I work for a cable company and one of the subject areas in our business pertains to work orders.  I’m currently revamping the work order data mart within our warehouse; adding some additional fact tables, modifying some existing fact and dimension tables, rewriting a large portion of the ETL, and updating all the ERD models.  I might even find myself in the Business Objects universe layer before it’s all done.  My deadline for all this stuff is the end of November so time is running out.

As a result, I’ve spent virtually no time writing anything.  I’ve played guitar a bit and I’ve spent time with Traci and the kids, but my personal time is all but none.  At least I’m caught up on Quicken!  My weekly writing journal has been moved to at least monthly, maybe more often if I have time.  I hope to have time after this is done to update the site with not only more writing, but also with some anecdotes from this whole work order redesign in the warehouse.  There were some judgment calls to be made and sharing that insight could prove valuable.

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