2009: Year in Review

So 2009 came and went and 2010 is here.  Overall 2009 was a positive year for me.  Thanks to Traci’s decision last year to push herself to try new things I’ve now been exposed to some new people as well.  It’s been nice connecting with people of a similar nature with similar interests again.

Personally I’ve grown quite a bit in 2009.  I learned how to deal with an incredibly difficult person at work and how to better handle stressful situations there.   I was also able to use what I learned and apply it to my personal life as well, reducing my overall frustration level.  This person has now been effectively neutralized and poses very little actual threat anymore.  I also came off a successful project right at the end of 2009 that, combined with my improved skillset, will help to solidify my role and hopefully ensure my longevity.

2009 ended with me in a very different place at work and in my career.  My confidence level has increased dramatically and I’ve produced some work I’m very proud of.  I’m also steadily moving back toward the type of role I’d played at CPI before I left.  I’ve been at my new job for two years now and it pleases me to say that it’s feeling more and more like home.  My career is back on track again and I feel like I can grow where I am.  I’d love to be able to spend some time here; five or six years (or more) would be great.

I also ended 2009 with a new and improved perspective on the things I believe in (or don’t believe in).  One of the primary reasons I purged the site was because of this change.  I began to let go of some of the anger I hold toward religion, in particular.  I found myself becoming more of an extremist than I was comfortable with.  The site had taken on much of this tone and it really just wasn’t what I wanted to convey anymore.  I still feel these surges of anger from time to time but in order to expect other to simply allow me to follow my heart I have to also let them do the same.  I now represent the concepts of skepticism and disbelief in a far less hostile manner.  I still feel just as passionately but I’m applying that passion in a more constructive fashion.  I can now better represent what skepticism and atheism truly mean without resorting to just another brand of proselytizing.

With the site purge it meant less of my time was spent ranting to a phantom audience and, as a result, I’ve been able to refocus some of that energy into my writing.  With the focus of the site redefined, I’ve now added virtually all the fiction work I’ve completed to the site.  This is something I’d been wanting to do for some time but just hadn’t.  With a career producing a stable revenue stream, combined with a better understanding of copyright law, I’m now less worried copyright theft.  Let’s fact it; none of these stories were ever going to make me rich.  I didn’t get much more than some poems written in 2009 but that was the first creative writing I’d done in years and a step in the right direction.

2009 came in with a bang but 2010 came in with more of a whisper.  I don’t really subscribe to the practice of making new year’s resolutions (since they’re so prone to failure) but I do feel that I need to plan out my year.  Bearing that in mind, I’ll be formulating that plan over the next couple weeks and will hopefully have something concrete soon.  This time next year I’ll see what I’ve accomplished.  Hopefully it’ll be most, if not all, the things on the list.

I have a good feeling about 2010 right now.  Hopefully it’ll play out.

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