This past Saturday Traci and I went to Home Depot to buy paint and supplies to finish painting the house.  We then stopped at Petsmart to get dog food for Daisy but ended up with a new dog!  He’s a two year old beagle named Gordy who had been rescued from a pound in Arkansas where he had been scheduled to be euthanized.  So far he’s adjusting well.  He’s house-broken but we’re still working on getting him to listen and follow directions.  Daisy seems to be doing well with him too.  Orson is a bit apprehensive and Trent just laughs at him.  Traci is a little impatient with his “antics” but I can tell she really likes him.  He also bears an uncanny resemblance to our old beagle Abner, who we had to put down two years ago.  Here are a few pictures of Gordy in action.

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