iPhone 4

This past Monday my iPhone 4 arrived.

For me, this is the device I’ve been waiting ten years for.  For years I carried a phone, a PDA, and a pager for work.  Even after I was able to get paging on my cell phone I still had to carry around two devices.  I couldn’t access anything on the Internet on my PDA or my crappy phone and I couldn’t check e-mail or send a text message without cycling through three letters per key to do it.

Then, about a year and a half ago, I bought an iPhone 3G and all those problems were solved.  My calendar and contacts were now on my phone and my phone was a PDA too.  I could also send text messages with a real keyboard.  I had e-mail and the Internet, and it was all pretty damn functional.  No longer did I carry a PDA, a phone, or a pager; just one device now.  I was quite happy with it.

When the 3GS was released I didn’t bite; it was a primarily just a faster version of what I already had, with standard definition video and a few other bells and whistles.

Then the iPhone 4 came out.  It had all the functionality of the 3G and 3GS but did it faster and better, in many cases.  The camera was improved and had a flash.  It’s not as good as my Canon point and shoot but it’s good enough for most everyday, on the go photography.  If I’m going to shoot anything serious I still bring the Canon, but if I’m out and the kids do something cute I can capture that moment with good clarity and put it in my photo album.

iPhone 4 also shoots HD video.  It’s comparable to the Flip HD cameras (which are in my price range) and is better than the standard definition MiniDV camera we have now.  Even better it’s smaller, fits in my pocket, and is with me all the time.  It’s good enough that I’ve now replaced our old video camera with the iPhone 4.  Now I can capture those moments with the kids or with my wife, or anything else; moments I’d miss before because I didn’t have the camera with me.  For me, a person who shoots about 3000 photos and 10+ hours of video a year, that’s priceless.

The display…wow.  The display on this iPhone is incredible; it just looks gorgeous.  It makes the whole experience better, providing desktop computer clarity in the palm of my hand.

It’s faster now; much, much faster than the iPhone 3G.  Now those cool features (Internet, e-mail, camera, text messaging) are all lightning-fast.  I can browse the web about as fast as I can at home.  That makes it incredibly useful and very, very valuable to have with me.

For me the iPhone makes a lot of sense because it does what I need it to do and it does it without any bullshit.  I also have an iMac at home and the integration couldn’t be more seamless.  It works consistently well together.

Of course there are other smart phones out there that do what the iPhone does and maybe more (insert name of your preferred smart phone here).  That’s great, but this is about why the iPhone 4 is a great solution for me.  Anything beyond that is out of scope.  Apple-haters and Google fanboys, save your flames for some other website.

I wonder now how I lived without a smart phone.  I read all my books on it, I communicate with everyone I know on it, I record priceless family memories on it, and I have an enormously vast amount of information available to me with a few taps of the finger.  I feel kinda like I’m in an episode of the Jetsons; like I’m living in the future right now.

Oh, and I can make make phone calls on it too.

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