Quicken 2007 & Lion

Intuit recently announced that Quicken 2007 for Mac won’t run on the new Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion”.  The reason for this is that Apple is discontinuing support for their “Rosetta” technology, a technology that allows old Power PC code to run on newer Intel Macs.  Intuit is “working with Apple” on this to see if they can’t get Apple to bend a little, possibly allowing Intuit to distribute Rosetta libraries with Qucken 2007.

Instead of providing a decent upgrade option for Mac users, Intuit has released “Quicken Essentials”.  Based on what I’ve seen and read Quicken Essentials doesn’t match either Quicken 2007 for Mac or Quicken for Windows’ feature set.  It appears to be woefully inadequate; not a viable upgrade option.

And don’t forget that Intuit forces their users to upgrade by crippling the software they paid for.  Three years pass and they turn off all online features.

Intuit’s advice to Mac users is to “upgrade” to Quicken Essentials and just suck up the lack of functionality, or run the Windows version.

My suggestion?  Upgrade to a different software package instead.

Download Moneydance for free.  Import your Quicken data, then run it side-by-side with Quicken before buying.  It can do virtually everything Quicken can do, and the developer won’t cripple your software after three years.

*** An important note: Before upgrading to OSX 10.7 “Lion” you must export your Quicken 2007 data before you upgrade the OS; otherwise the data will be locked up in an application that will not launch.  Regardless of which financial application you switch to (Essentials, Moneydance, iBank, See Finance, etc.) you’ll need this data in QIF format in order to import it into your new application. ***

Why go backward when you upgrade?  Might as well invest in the future.

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