A New Home

What was once BrianJarrett.com is now MusingPanda.com.

Why? I’ve been focusing the last six years on my fiction writing, which I publish under Brian J. Jarrett. I wanted to disambiguate my name, both with and without the middle initial. So now I use brianjjarrett.com for my books and brianjarrett.com as my professional programmer site.

But I didn’t want to get rid of all this content, especially with the amount of time and effort I put into the articles. I also wanted to keep the Nitro scene and Flood stuff alive and kicking. So I bought a new domain name and moved everything here.

What’s up with the name? Well, this site is a place for musings. Also, I like Pandas. ┬áPut the two together and there you have it. (And the domain was available.)

Maybe I’ll even update this site a little more often. I still have those random and eclectic musings that need somewhere to go. Might as well be here.

Guess what? I also write horror and thriller novels. Click here to learn more...

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