A New Home

What was once BrianJarrett.com is now MusingPanda.com.

Why? I’ve been focusing the last six years on my fiction writing, which I publish under Brian J. Jarrett. I wanted to disambiguate my name, both with and without the middle initial. So now I use brianjjarrett.com for my books and brianjarrett.com as my professional programmer site.

But I didn’t want to get rid of all this content, especially with the amount of time and effort I put into the articles. I also wanted to keep the Nitro scene and Flood stuff alive and kicking. So I bought a new domain name and moved everything here.

What’s up with the name? Well, this site is a place for musings. Also, I like Pandas.  Put the two together and there you have it. (And the domain was available.)

Maybe I’ll even update this site a little more often. I still have those random and eclectic musings that need somewhere to go. Might as well be here.

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Older, Wiser…Grayer

Just going through the site after putting a new theme on it and started digging through the old Nitro scene material. Hard to believe almost twenty years have passed. I’m forty years old now with six and nine year old kids. Got a real job and everything. How did I get so old?

I was a kid back then and some of the writing clearly demonstrates that. What can I say? Follies of youth and all that. What I can say is that the sincerity is and always was there. While I’m older and wiser these days, I wouldn’t change any of it. I surely don’t regret any of it. Spectacular times and indelible memories.

Guess what? I also write horror and thriller novels. Click here to learn more...

Scary Spooky Stories

When I was around six or seven years old, my brother and I used to listen to a collection of short horror stories on our little Sears record player.  It was a collection of six stories, told by three different narrators, released on a full-size LP and titled Scary Spooky Stories. It was released by Troll records and distributed through Scholastic to schools across the country.  My brother and I must have listened to this record at least a thousand times. We loved it and I still have the original record in my possession today (although it’s chipped badly on one edge, ruining the first story on each side).

Fast forward thirty years.  My six year old son asked me to tell him a story one night.  I usually make up stories for him, but on that night something reminded me of a story from the Scary Spooky Stories collection.  I hadn’t listened to the records in thirty years but I remembered the gist of the story and told it to him…and he loved it.

After he went to bed I did a Google search for the record and found mp3 copies of the collection.  I immediately downloaded and listened to them.  It was like stepping back in time.  The nostalgia was almost overwhelming.  It was strange because I hadn’t heard them for so long, but so familiar I could finish the sentences. Surreal.

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Guess what? I also write horror and thriller novels. Click here to learn more...