The Nitro Scene ended for me when I quit Flood in December, 1995. It also ended for a lot of my friends and for my band shortly thereafter. Sure it continued for a while but now, so many years later, most of us who made up the scene back in 1993, 1994, and 1995 have all moved on. I now have two children, a wife, and I work in St. Louis, Missouri as a full-time computer programmer and a part-time novelist.  I play guitar when I get time, but I’m not currently in a band.

I’ve kept up on some of the people from the scene; this is the most current information I have:

Flood broke up in December, 1995. Adam Triplett became a licensed massage therapist, and took up the mandolin, rock climbing, and nature photography.  As of 2010 he was living in an Oregon town at the foot of Mount Hood, married, and working as a welder fabricator, making art and music whenever possible. As of 2016, he’s still in Portland and is married to Tracy with three kids.

Jeremy Spears and Shaun Fox moved to Columbus, Ohio. Jeremy works in a factory, I believe, and played in a metal band called Dead Sea for a while.

After Flood, Shaun Fox attended the Recording Workshop and played in a band with Brian Burdette and Jeremy Spears called “West By God”. He and Jeremy moved to Columbus, Ohio, where they also played music together. Shaun eventually moved back to West Virginia and had a son of his own. Sadly, Shaun died in October of 2016.

Carl Lucas, the original singer for The Great Big World and Flood, married his girlfriend Cami. I think they also had a few children.

Dirt Bear broke up in 1996 after Billy Reynolds quit the band. Joey Clagg played with them for a while before the official breakup.

Billy became a dentist and married a girl named Crystal.

Andy Masker moved to South Carolina with Shawn Beckner and plays the saxophone.

Brian Pauley got married and had a baby girl. In his spare time, he officiates midget league football.

Scott Robinson lives in Columbus, Ohio and is a professional soundman.

Steve McConihay got married and had a couple of kids. He flies airplanes for a living.

Phil Conifer and Brian Spangler moved to Tennessee. Brian has three kids, Phil has two.  Brian played in another band called Julius Seizure for a few years.

Ray Davis got married and last I heard was still living in West Virginia.  I don’t think they have any kids yet.

Ronnie Stricklen is married and is now a postman in the Charleston area.  He still picks up the guitar from time to time.

Joey Clagg moved to Toledo, Ohio and started a label called Action Driver.

Matt Wheeler is now performing as “Tear Drop City”, according to an old MySpace profile.

Justin Gordon remained in West Virginia and worked at the same company as Mia Ross for a while. Unfortunately, Justin died in June of 2019.

Don’t we all wish we knew where Skeleton Boy ended up?  I saw a photo in which he was tagged on Facebook around 2009 or 2010.  It was from The Empty Glass in Charleston, WV.

Matt Kennedy was working for CAMC in some type of billing or call center as of around 2005 or so.  He’s married with several children.

Traci Colella married me and we have two children here in St. Louis.

Mia Ross and Tim Dorsey got married for a while, but I believe they’ve now divorced. They both live in West Virginia as of 2016.

Bill Dexter married Danielle and I think they have a child together. I heard she was a substitute teacher and he fought in some type of Ultimate Fighting championships.

Last I heard about Tommy Hess was that he drove his car into a river.  He survived, according to the story.  [Update 3/31/2011: Tommy didn’t actually drive into the river but came just short of it.  He’s married with two kids and still ripping harmonics (see below).]

As far as I know Chris Allen is still playing with John E. Sizemore in Freaktent. Shane Parsons was playing with them but I think he’s no longer with the band.

Aaron Flanagan went straight edge and got a bunch of tattoos.  Then he dropped straight edge.  He lives in Chicago as of 2003.

Dana White used to run the Corn ‘Zine [now defunct] and played in a band called Holden Caulfield for eight years. He’s also still straight edge.  Dana is married now and has a baby boy.

According to site contributor “Joe”, Shaun Moore is living in Florida and playing in a band called Sister Kill Cycle as February 2017.

In 2003 I coordinated a reunion of as many people from the scene as I could. Although many people committed and it held the promise of success only a handful of people actually showed up. Despite the low turnout it was good to see the people who did come and I posted pictures in the photo gallery for anyone who’s interested.

This list is by no means exhaustive; as more people come to mind or I find out more information I’ll continue to update. Things change and people change, so I’m sure that some of this information is out of date. Some of it might also be wrong. If you have more up to date or correct information on anyone mentioned here-or anyone not mentioned here-please feel free to leave a comment below.

(Last updated: October 2017)

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2 thoughts on “After

  1. Tom Hess 03/31/2011 / 7:45 pm


    Just to give you something else to put on your website other than the fact that I drove into the river, which, incidentally, I didn’t make it into the river, as I fell short about 15 ft or so. (It happened in Clendenin, so hence the exaggerations.) How I didn’t get arrested for that one still baffles me, but anyways, I am happily married with two kids and still ripping those pinch harmonics that you so love!! LMFAO!!

    • Brian 03/31/2011 / 8:05 pm

      Holy shit! Tommy Hess, back from the dead! I’m glad you didn’t drive into the river; and, for the record, anything short of the river itself doesn’t count as in the river. I’m married with two kids in St. Louis but not ripping too many harmonics these days. I’ve gotten back into writing fiction again, but I still break out the old Les Paul from time to time. Sometimes I even break into a little Hide and Seek or Lungfish…just for old time’s sake. 🙂

      Take care. Wonderful to hear from you.


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