Flood Audio

Below are some recordings by my old band, Flood. The first two albums, Spate and Halo Arrangements & Alternate Wall Fixtures, were recorded on an analog four-track. To convert them to mp3 I simply played them through a tape recorder into a microphone going into my computer’s soundcard. I converted the resulting .wav files into mp3 and there you have it. The last EP, the Cave Records Compilation, was recorded digitally on an ADAT machine from a 24 channel mixer then mastered onto CD. These recordings are just ripped straight from the CD.

We recorded a few live shows as well but most of those songs exist as a studio track here. I’ve added a couple that never got recorded for an album but I think they’re worth a listen.

I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed writing and recording them.

© 1994,1995 Brian Jarrett, Shaun Fox, Carl Lucas, Adam Triplett, Jeremy Spears

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