Cave Records


Back in 1995, Steve McConihay and Andy Masker coughed up enough cash to buy some professional recording equipment and get hundreds of CDs pressed.  A local record label was born.  It was called “Cave Records”; named after the infamous stolen sign that used to adorn the small room at Elkview Junior High from which milkshakes were sold.  Although the label was short-lived, we’re left with some of the highest quality recordings ever made of some of our scene’s bands.

Album: Cave Records Compilation
Date Recorded: July, 1995
Recorded at: The Cave: Elkview, WV
Recorded by: Scott Robinson
Recording Device: ADAT, Digital

Written and Arranged By: Dirt Bear, Flood, Sevin, and Trout

Dirt Bear Tracks:

Flood Tracks:

Sevin Tracks:

Trout Tracks:

Bonus Track by Lame:

© 1995 Dirt Bear, Flood, Sevin, Trout

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