Live at LKM: Sep. 23, 1994

The following video clips were taken from our September 23, 1994 performance at the LKM Auditorium in Nitro, WV. Band members include Jeremy Spears, Brian Jarrett, Shaun Fox, and Carl Lucas.

Some notes on playing these videosWhen you click the play button on a video clip your browser starts downloading the entire video from YouTube, even if you pause it. Once you get two or three of these clips downloading at the same time playback can suffer. The simplest way to avoid this is to watch an entire clip until it finishes, one at a time. If you do pause a few clips and notice some playback difficulties just refresh the page and all video clips will reset. If you can’t see these videos then you might need to upgrade your flash player.

“Gutless Wonder”








“Find Me”

© 1994 Flood
All songs written and arranged by Jeremy Spears, Carl Lucas, Brian Jarrett, and Shaun Fox

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