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2 thoughts on “Concerts Attended

  1. Paul Rucker 05/19/2011 / 7:02 am

    I was at that Quicksand, Orange 9mm, and Sick of it all show. I remember Shaun Fox stayed outside during the SOIA show, he told me he hated them and they werent his style. I had never heard SOIA and luckily I didnt let him influence me into not watching them because “WOW” every band including SOIA rocked so hard that night. But the most memorable moment for me was hanging with my best friend and chilling with Chaka from Orange 9. Crazy good time. I love that you were smart enough to bring a camera and now after all these years I am getting to see what I was doing on July 29th, 1995. One of the best shows I have ever been to. They just do not happen like this anymore. I would love to see that line up play again in a small venue. Great stuff Brian. This page just made my day.

    • Brian 05/19/2011 / 7:26 am

      I’m always happy to see that people benefit from the work I’ve done on the site. It’s a labor of love; those were some of the best times of my life, so it seemed only fitting to document them properly.

      Actually Dana White took the photos from that show (the other photos on the site are mine). I’ve always been the type of person to document things; back when all this started I knew it would only last for a short period of my life so I’d better capture it while I could. I still take about 3000 photos a year, even now. I also made sure we got at least a few of our shows on video as well.

      I sat outside during Sick of It All too; I wasn’t really into them at the time, plus I had this great chick there with me who I wanted to get some time away with. I ended up marrying that girl! 🙂

      I was a big Orange 9mm fan, and and even bigger Quicksand fan. Still am, actually. Walter is back playing with Rival Schools and Sergio is playing with the Deftones now; not sure what the other two guys from Quicksand are doing. Chris Trainor played with Helmet and Bush for years, I think Orange 9mm pretty much fell apart after he left.

      Anyway, glad you liked the site; that always makes my day. Take it easy.

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