No Regrets

A couple months ago on our way to get haircuts for Orson and me the family stopped for dinner at White Castle since it’s right next door to the salon. When I walked in I saw a really old man sitting at a table, just watching people. He observed us for a while and then he made a few references about how nice our family was and about how lucky I was. I agreed, fleshing out my response with a bit of small talk. He hung around for a while and then came up to us again and started a short conversation. He talked about fighting in World War II, about bombing Germans and lying about his age to join the army.

He told us again how lucky we were, how we had everything. Then he said “I’ve lost everything”. Traci made a empathetic gesture but I wasn’t sure what to say. I was deeply affected. We spoke a bit more and then he strolled around the store for a ten minutes or so, going outside to smoke once or twice before he left. Continue reading

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