The Swingin’ Man

I have a new book out! It’s a collection of short stories written over the past year or so, called The Swingin’ Man.

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The Swingin' Man

A collection of twelve frighteningly provocative short stories that will keep you up at night and have you questioning your perception of reality.

The Others Proving they exist will have deadly consequences.
Pine Lake Four friends discover the horror of what lies beneath the lake’s pristine surface.
Quarry A small-time criminal learns what it really means to have that killer instinct.
Into the Machine In a world where virtual reality offers escape, one man will learn it can also be a prison.
Trash Bag Man He followed a homeless man off the subway. Now his life will never again be the same.
Social Work An uncaring social worker learns that some families should be left alone.
The Swingin’ Man A small-town sheriff discovers that not all legends are imaginary.
Disintegration Can delusion be contagious? A psychiatrist is about to find out.
The Signal First contact won’t at all be like we expected.
Corner Monster Whatever you do, stay out of the dark.
Until Death Do Us Part Vengeance takes many forms.
Revenge is a Dish Best Served on a Dark Night In a ghost town saloon on a cold and windy night, three gunslingers square up.

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Kryptos Now Available

My latest novel Kryptos is now available in ebook format. The paperback will soon follow. Here’s the cover and the gist…



Life as the constable of a quiet vacation island has been good to Marty. Unlike big city cops, he’s managed to avoid the worst of the job.

But when he gets a call about a murder-suicide, he’s sure it will be the worst thing he’s ever seen.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

Something is coming to the island tonight. Something terrible. Something unspeakable.

And it won’t stop until everyone on the planet is dead.

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Beyond the Badlands

Beyond the Badlands, the second installment in my Badlands Series, is now available in ebook and paperback.

Beyond the Badlands

Here’s the gist:

Who survived The Badlands to make it to the city by the river? Was the city truly a safe haven, or just another dead end teeming with hordes of the infected? What else is in store for those who survived?

In the dramatic second installment of Into the Badlands, the fate of the survivors and the truth about the city by the river is finally revealed. For some the journey has ended, but for those who remain, surviving the end of the world will be only the beginning.

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Some Light Reading

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Walking At Night: A Collection of Horror

I’m happy to announce that I recently published a collection of short horror stories.  It weighs in around 56,000 words (approximately the length of a short novel).  This is particularly rewarding since some of these stories and ideas are ten or fifteen years old and are finally now seeing the light of day.  I had a lot of fun writing and publishing this.  So if horror is your thing, you might want to check it out.  It’s available for the Kindle and the Nook eReaders.

Guess what? I also write horror and thriller novels. Click here to learn more...

Scary Spooky Stories

When I was around six or seven years old, my brother and I used to listen to a collection of short horror stories on our little Sears record player.  It was a collection of six stories, told by three different narrators, released on a full-size LP and titled Scary Spooky Stories. It was released by Troll records and distributed through Scholastic to schools across the country.  My brother and I must have listened to this record at least a thousand times. We loved it and I still have the original record in my possession today (although it’s chipped badly on one edge, ruining the first story on each side).

Fast forward thirty years.  My six year old son asked me to tell him a story one night.  I usually make up stories for him, but on that night something reminded me of a story from the Scary Spooky Stories collection.  I hadn’t listened to the records in thirty years but I remembered the gist of the story and told it to him…and he loved it.

After he went to bed I did a Google search for the record and found mp3 copies of the collection.  I immediately downloaded and listened to them.  It was like stepping back in time.  The nostalgia was almost overwhelming.  It was strange because I hadn’t heard them for so long, but so familiar I could finish the sentences. Surreal.

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Guess what? I also write horror and thriller novels. Click here to learn more...