iPhone 4

This past Monday my iPhone 4 arrived.

For me, this is the device I’ve been waiting ten years for.  For years I carried a phone, a PDA, and a pager for work.  Even after I was able to get paging on my cell phone I still had to carry around two devices.  I couldn’t access anything on the Internet on my PDA or my crappy phone and I couldn’t check e-mail or send a text message without cycling through three letters per key to do it.

Then, about a year and a half ago, I bought an iPhone 3G and all those problems were solved.  My calendar and contacts were now on my phone and my phone was a PDA too.  I could also send text messages with a real keyboard.  I had e-mail and the Internet, and it was all pretty damn functional.  No longer did I carry a PDA, a phone, or a pager; just one device now.  I was quite happy with it.

When the 3GS was released I didn’t bite; it was a primarily just a faster version of what I already had, with standard definition video and a few other bells and whistles.

Then the iPhone 4 came out.   Continue reading

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