Lollapalooza 2009

So we packed up the kids on Thursday night, August 6th, and we headed off to Chicago, Illinois.  We were going to Lollapalooza of course, but this time would be different for us.  We were taking the whole family, including the kids.  We take the kids lots of places but we’ve never taken them to a show before and definitely not one of this duration and magnitude.  I knew it would be a little challenging but I also figured it would be pretty cool to do together.

So after an hour or so delay due to a slow leak in one of our tires we were off for Chicago.  That trip went okay but I was very tired on the way up.  Traci and I switched off on the driving and eventually we made it there.  After arriving in Chicago we circled the same block about five times until we finally figured out where our hotel was.  We stayed at the Hotel Burnham in Chicago’s “loop” area.  The doorman was really helpful, especially at 1:30 am; we needed the help.  The hotel valet parked our car and we crashed in the room.  We really enjoyed the hotel; I’d recommend it to others.

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