Gateway Cinephiles Review: The Road

I recently got up the guts to watch “The Road”, John Hillcoat’s faithful adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s horrific yet beautiful novel of the same name.  I wrote about the book some time back but instead of writing a review of the movie I thought I’d link to friend and film critic Andrew Wyatt’s apt review of the film.

Viggo Mortensen was incredible in this film, completely embodying the character from the book.  Kodi Smith-McPhee on the screen was exactly what I pictured The Boy to be.  Their performances, along with Hillcoat’s apparent intention to mimic the book very closely, made this film.

I very much liked the movie and, while not quite as good as the book, it was a faithful adaptation that effectively told this compelling story.  Don’t pass up this movie or the book because of the tough subject matter; it’ll leave you changed once you experience it.

You can read the review here: Gateway Cinephiles Review  » The Road

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