Hum at The Old Rock House

Like a dream come true, Hum has reunited for a reunion tour.  Thanks to a Facebook post by The Old Rock House, Traci was able to snag tickets to this wondrous event.  Hum was and still is one of my favorite bands.  I first heard them back in 1995 when MTV still played music videos.  It was the video for Stars.  I bought You’d Prefer an Astronaut and knew as soon as I heard Little Dipper that I was in love with this band’s sound.  My best friend and I drove to see them in Cincinnati back in 1998 and they were awesome.  They were just as good this time around too.  Just incredible.  I also got to talk to Tim Lash for a moment after the show which was really cool.  Cell phone-quality pictures follow.  “Stars” video follows that.

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