Turning Off Windows

When I decided to switch to the Mac one of the first things I did was create an application to application comparison matrix in order to ensure I could find an comparable Mac replacement for all my important Windows applications.  I found some great articles written by others who’d made the switch and that really helped in that process.  Now that I’ve had my Mac for a year and a half or so I’ve found replacements for virtually everything I had on Windows.  In order to help others who are making the switch to a Mac or maybe just looking for a Mac replacement for a Windows application they can’t seem to shake, I thought I’d put my cross-reference list here, albeit it in a very informal, unstructured manner (trying to avoid a boring list).  I’ve included links where possible.

My hope was that most of the apps I used on Windows would have a Mac port.  That way I wouldn’t have to learn something new and the learning curve would be shortened.  I’m not opposed to learning something new but switching everything over at once and having to relearn everything is a tall order and I wanted to be productive as quickly as possible.  Luckily many of the apps I used on Windows had Mac ports.  Firefox, for instance, is available for both (as well as Linux).  I used Safari for a while but ended up going back to the comfort and familiarity of Firefox.  Unfortunately the default theme for Mac Firefox is kinda ugly, in my opinion.  I use the Silvermel theme and it both looks and works great.  There’s also Opera and Camino, as well as a slew of other, more obscure browsers to choose from.  Most recently though I’ve been using  Google Chrome; it’s been lightening fast, incredibly stable, and has a great bookmark syncing feature.  It’s also available not only for the Mac but for Windows and Linux as well.  No matter which browser you go with giving up Internet Explorer will be incredibly satisfying. Continue reading

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